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Mitokine Bioscience Services
Mitokine measures GABA. See News and Comments.
Mitokine Bioscience Services
Management Team
We have assembled a management team that couples exceptional scientific capability with strong business skills. The founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Brooke Ligon M.D. Ph. D is a board certified Neurologist with a graduate degree in Neuroscience from Tufts Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences. Her dissertation and subsequent work are the basis for Mitokine’s intellectual property. Scientific and business advisory board members support the management team.
Mitokine Bioscience Services
Mitokine Bioscience was founded to impact diabetes care by developing a promising new treatment. Since opening in 2006, our company has maintained a commitment to innovative research that solves medical problems and improves the daily lives of patients. Our current focus is on 1) effective treatments that restore normal mechanisms of glucose management and 2) providing services to research scientists to advance discovery and improve health.
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