Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. When will we get results?

You should allow three weeks.

  1. 2. Why would it take 21 days ?

Some reagents expire quickly. We order those fresh for each assay. The shipment may take several days. Also, like other users, we sometimes have to wait to use the LC/MS/MS. If you have an urgent need let us know at quantify@mitokine.com or 207-422-6838 and we will work with you to expedite results.

3. What is the cost per sample. Most samples are $36. If yours requires special preparation for any reason, it may be more. This pays for reagents, labor and cost of using the LC/MS/MS. Right now we will send you an invoice. Soon you can pay by credit card. Did not answer your question? Call us at 207-422-6838 or write Quantify@mitokine.com.            


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